aMbooo – It does not get any greener!

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Bamboo as raw material and material plays a prominent role as a fastest renewable raw material in the areas of foodstuffs, medicinal plants and construction materials in many regions of the world and is also an excellent Co2 storage. Since 1994, we have been developing optimal solutions for the outdoor area made of bamboo and we are making our contribution to the preservation of the environment.

Here you can find more information about our high density bamboo!

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More Information

100% bamboo

We use as a basis exclusively highland bamboo, hard, fast regrowing and tree-free. aMbooo - It does not get any greener!


Our thermal treatment modifies the bamboo fibers and increases the durability.

Co2 neutral

Up to 1 m growth per day. A giant grass with ecological top marks.

Simple refinement

The head-side groove + spring and the lateral groove enable easy, safe and time-saving assembly.

Durable and hard

Almost as solid as steel and as durable as tropical wood.

Dimensionally stable

No natural rotation as with wood, very low swelling and shrinkage behavior.